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Washing Cup


自由之席@無用生活 2023

Laichankee studio attempts to contemplate the essence of tea art from the perspective of the general public.


Before partaking in tea at teahouses, everyone engages in the act of cleansing tableware. These actions have become routine, and even though the utensils are already clean, they are regarded as the ceremonial beginning of tea drinking and Dim Sum savoring. Throughout this process, there is an underlying sense of care and respect among friends and family who share the meal.


While these actions might lack specific names and are not commonly considered part of the tea art, they are imbued with ritualistic significance and have long been ingrained in our cultural life. Spanning across different generations, they've evolved into an unspoken understanding among tea enthusiasts and a crucial component of Hong Kong-style tea culture. Laichankee hopes to draw inspiration from these subtle life details and create a series of tableware, continually exploring our reflections and creativity towards life.


"Washing cups" is the first piece in this series, inspired by the way regular tea drinkers wash their cups in teahouses. By collecting tea sets from teahouses and applying the design concept to vintage bone porcelain cups, the pattern on the tea cups emphasizes the rotational motion during the washing process inside the bowl. This texture can also create a simple animated effect, aiming to respond to tea culture while balancing decoration and playfulness.


Useless studio has invited a tea connoisseur, "Poetry of tea" to hold a tea gathering on the day, pairing a corresponding tea for each artist's work and demonstrating the brewing process in real-time. Through the taste of tea, one can experience the interaction between the artists and the tea connoisseur.


Laichankee studio - Selected Tea: Yunnan Aged Pu'er










無用生活邀請了茶人- 人在草木 在當日舉辦茶席,分別為每一位藝術家的作品選一款對應的茶,並即席為大家展演沖泡過程,從茶味之中感受藝術家與茶人之互動。


泥塵記 - 茶品:雲南熟普洱

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