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泥塵記@Artube-Affordable Art Fair 2022

As a pottery studio, Laichankee studio often observes various types of containers, ranging from massive airport fuel tanks to tiny pill capsules; from sound-bearing speakers to lanterns shrouding light – all serving as sources of inspiration. Beyond understanding the functionality of these vessels, exploring their cultural implications is also an intriguing aspect of the creative process. Grains are a staple food in Eastern cultures, and specialized containers for storing grains can be found across different societies. There are even units of measurement dedicated to grains, such as the unit 'Mug' commonly used in Hong Kong. The term 'Mug' also refers to the measuring container itself. Typically, every household would have a 'Mug' placed in their rice bin – a container within a container. The shape and size of the 'Mug' vary widely, with no strict uniformity. It has become an unwritten agreement, fostering a habit that concerns everyone's portion size.

泥塵記作為一間陶室會不時觀察各樣容器,由巨型的機場油庫,到微細的藥丸膠囊; 由載著聲音的音箱,到罩著光線的燈籠都會是靈感。作為創作的起點,除了解容器的功能外,發掘它們的文化意含,也是趣味所在。米糧是東方人的主食,在不同的文化中都會找到專門放米的容器,甚至有為量度米糧而設的單位,例如香港就會以「嘜」為單位。而「嘜」一詞同時亦指量度的容器,一般而言,每個家庭都會有一個「嘜」放在米缸內,是個容器中的容器。「嘜」的形狀以至大少多變,運作上亦沒有嚴格的統一性。大概是種約定俗成的黙契,養成眾人攸關食量的習慣。

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