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=+Ceramics Project


Through the =+Ceramics Project, Laichankee attempts to launch a monthly limited edition of ceramics. Designers always consider the interesting elements that make up their work — like A=X+Y — the equation could have endless possibilities. We don't want to limit our creative imagination, which is why we don't set any style and orientation but explore the boundaries through the project.
In 2022, we hope to bring more energy and malleability to our work. Each piece is handcrafted and fired in the studio kiln. In the upcoming year, we aim to release 20 pieces on the 20th of each
month. Each piece will be available online and be replaced by a new piece after a month. At the end of the year, 240 unique pieces will be available online.

泥塵記工作室嘗試透過=+陶藝計劃定期推出每月限量設計的陶藝品。創作者常常考慮組成作品的有趣元素,A=X+Y 這題算式可有無盡的可能性。我們不希望局限創作的想像,所以我們並沒有定下什麼風格及取向,並藉著計劃探索邊界。