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Suraj Tal 


H2.5(cm) x L19.5(cm) x W19.5(cm)

HKD 600

=+Ceramics in Laichankee are made with food-safe glazes, which are less likely to release metallic substances after firing at a higher temperature. Each piece is handcrafted and develops a unique patina over time.


Caring for your tableware

  • Use a soft dishcloth 

  • Wash in a dishwasher

  • Soak the utensils in rice water for the first time and every six months to disinfect and prevent staining. If you have used the utensils to hold dark food and liquids, wash them immediately to avoid discolouration of the glazed surface over time.

  • 請用柔軟碗布清洗

  • 可用洗碗機清洗

  • 首次及每半年可用洗米水浸過器皿,以慢火煮沸消毒防污。如用器物盛載深色食物及液體後,用後請立即清洗,以免釉面細孔因長時間浸染而變色。

Heating Instructions

  • Microwaveable

  • Usable to serve hot beverages

  • After taking the tableware out of the fridge, leave it at room temperature before heating or filling it with hot beverages

  • Do not use an open flame

  • Do not place it in the oven

  • 可使用微波爐加熱

  • 可盛載熱飲

  • 在冰箱取出後,請把器皿放置至常溫狀態後再進行加熱或注入熱飲

  • 不可使用明火加熱

  • 不可放入焗爐

Terms of Purchase


Only one of each item is available. Laichankee only accepts orders from IG Inbox / Email enquiries.

每件貨品只有一件。泥塵記只接受IG Inbox / Email 查詢訂購。

Collection Arrangements


Self pick-up 


Pick up by appointment at our Lai Chi Kok Studio



Or 或



S.F. Express for selected areas in Hong Kong

(# excluding remote areas) Shipment will be arranged within 3-5 working days after ordering
*Subject to early or late delivery 




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