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節果決明花見藝術市集 2021

The inspiration comes from the old age Cassia Javanica tree next to the The Murray Building. For the creative team, her vitality is a symbol. The blooming flowers are proof of living as if to remind us that we still have to look forward to the future. We produce and “issue" 300 limited-edition ceramics tokens titled "Cassia Javanica Flower" to commemorate the tree blooming in Hong Kong 2021. In the Art Bazaar, the tokens are conceptually "circulated" through "money exchange". Ceramic coins can be exchanged with corresponding HK$1/$2/$5 coins.

《信物》– 靈感來自位於美利大廈旁的古木名樹節果決明。對創作團隊而言,大樹的象徵由自她的生命力。花朵盛放除了是活着的證明,彷彿也提醒我們仍然要期盼未來。我們製作以節果決明花樹為題的限量陶瓷硬幣300枚發行,以紀念大樹在2021年盛放。在藝術市集中,作品會以「找換」的手法使硬幣「流通」。大家可以面值一元、二元及五元硬幣交換成陶瓷硬幣。參加這個市集時,我們深信與大家及花樹相遇是一種緣份,希望可以將信物交到有緣人手上,每次看到這個陶幣時也會想起2021年在香港相遇過。願收藏陶幣的人,無論身在何地,仍會期盼花會再開,有緣再相聚於大樹䕃下。

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